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Character Coaching

Interpersonal relationships often bring potential for conflict. Not infrequently, we feel a lack of understanding in situations that repeat themselves and annoy us. The friend who is always late serves as an example. Inner anger and tension can develop, while the friend is not aware of any guilt.


Character coaching is about improving self-awareness and actively perceiving and understanding the behaviors of those around us. On this basis, the person can draw consequences that help to master these difficult situations in a positive way in the future. The new understanding can also encourage people with bad experiences from the past and clear the way for new positive experiences. Character or mental coaching is especially important for
High-performance athletes and for people in leadership positions.

Especially for people who work under high pressure or with a lot of responsibility, character or mental weaknesses can be the decisive disadvantage for promotions or, in the context of sports competitions, for achieving a top ranking.

Family conflicts are one of the most common sources of emotional stress. Both parents who do not support a natural development of distance and children who do not respectfully treat their elders can be observed on a daily basis. In order to be able to develop freely emotionally, it is necessary for parents to give you the space to do so without giving the impression that they don’t care. This balancing act is one of the most difficult tasks of all parents. Here, character coaching can help create an adequate environment and build the foundation for positive development.

Of course, it is also a proven tool for anyone who wants to develop their character.

A common problem in our society is the misintegration of the individual. Some people can’t say “no” and some people say “no” too often and thus don’t find their proper place in society. It is not always easy to find the right balance of authority and assertiveness, empathy and humility in the world of work as well as in private life. In our culture, much is expected of the individual, and with the speed of development in this world, it is often difficult to keep up. Social as well as economic and technical changes affect all of our daily lives. The motivation to adapt in life so that one can succeed in life without bending too much can be the content of a character coaching.

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